Description of the Study of the notaries DE DONCKER

A traditional law firm, the office of the public notary De Doncker has always been located in the heart of Brussels, and currently consists of a team of approximately twenty members. The notaries are the team's managers, in charge of a group of lawyers and collaborators (see the presentation of individual members).

The notaries De Doncker currently in function are Maître Pierre De Doncker, appointed in the function of titular notary by the King in July 1978, and his oldest son Pablo De Doncker, appointed as associated notary by the Minister of Justice in December 2009.

Our office has renowned expertise in the following law fields: family (marriage, divorce, inheritance), real estate, co-ownership, building industry, companies and mediation. It has always adapted to its clients' needs, developing highly skilled competences over the years.

Through the diversity and experience of its collaborators, the office of the notaries DE DONCKER has acquired all the expertise needed to satisfy the expectations of society's various partners : private individuals, companies, institutions and public associations. Its collaborators studied at universities in the Flemish and French part of Belgium, and represent all official and often used languages in the country.

Furthermore, and to strengthen its presence in the heart of the capital of the European Union, our office makes a point of offering you the choice of language when speaking with you : Dutch, English, French, or Spanish.

Always attentive to the quality of its services, our team will help make your projects succeed and advise you while guaranteeing respect for international, national and regional laws, as well as ensure absolute confidentiality of your case. Every day, our team deploys creativity, empathy, perseverance and especially pragmatism in order to successfully manage the cases entrusted to our office. Our organization endeavors to provide you a personalized approach as well as legal accuracy to ensure your case is treated with the greatest possible precision and within the stipulated time-frames.

All of the collaborators focus their efforts on your particular situation : understanding it, analyzing it, followed by the proposal and implementation of suitable solutions. We try constantly to develop our activities to fulfill everyone's needs. The office of the notaries De Doncker operates in many fields of the law thanks to the experience and complementary qualities of its collaborators, but also thanks to the diversity of our fields of expertise.